how do i fix krita

i need help it dose not let me in my acc for krita :frowning:
plz dm if u think u can help

Go to krita-artists, and post there.

because idk what to do

i cant it will not let me sign in

and u need to be sgined in to post

this is what it says when i try and login with my google acc

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One post at a time and you can edit post. Let me ping @raghukamath during the mean-time. I can’t connect to, too slow.

ok let me know when that done

Note that this forum has nothing to do with krita artists.

i know but im confused

Have some patience, I’m on right now, you could connect there to see if your problem can get resolved. And please edit post.

im trying to login but krita dose let me login


If you see the pencil icon, that’s used to edit your post. Please use it next time, and have patience.

Also, I don’t think this’ll get resolved until tomorrow, they’re asleep.


Is that your google account? What exactly is the error? Can you try a different email or signin with different method or plain email?

Also as @paperdigits says this is not a Krita-artists forum nor is this correct category to post this.

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@Alexander_C_Assaf I would recommend to re-register under a different mail address though I"m not sure if that’s against the rule, and if it is, then explain your situation there. There’s not much information to go on according to @raghukamath.

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i tryied to sign up with differnt email it did nothing :frowning:

btw i had 2 wait 24hrs befor replying

Yes, you had to wait because you made too many posts and you’re new.

yep i know its the same exact thing with krita