how do i fix krita

The absolute lack of detail makes it hard to help, sorry.

can you mention one of the devs or leaders to get rid of my krita acc so i can sign in again on my email

What happens if you try to reset your password?

I don’t think they’ll just reset your account…


that was my username


nothing changes when i do that

Screenshot 2022-01-15 4.44.27 PM

what dose that mean???

just did that in fact i just made brand new email

I’m not sure what you are trying to do. Krita is a program that you need to install in a computer running windows, Mac or Linux. There is a version that you can download via the Google app store and it might work on your Chromebook. I think it is still beta testing.

Is the chromebook you are using one provided/administered thru your school? If yes, what restrictions does it have?

did u see the vid in

and yes its school it is not restricted on my chromebook
but i should be able to sign in on my brand new email…

You are using an email address that ends in .org

That is not normal. I am guessing that’s why the website is telling you is not a valid email in red letters.

What email did you use before? Can you use an email that is not from your school (capousd)? Like a free Google email account ?

i will but look at the vid

I looked at the video. Multiple times.

It is clearly telling you in red letters that the email you typed is not allowed. You need a different email address.

but why tho

i just made that email a hr ago

It is best if you use a single post with multiple full sentences. This is not Snapchat or iMessage.

It doesn’t matter why. The people that created the website implemented some rules in the email address format. I’m assuming one of them is that it most not end in .org I really don’t know why.

It doesn’t matter if you created the email an hour ago or a month. The website is telling you it is not allowed. You can’t change the website rules, but you do have the power to change the email address to something else. I suggest something that doesn’t end in .org. and keep changing email address until it says allowed.

ok thx for ur help