How do I fix Sony a7iii PDAF striping using RawTherapee?

I downloaded RT because a discussion on the Sony s striping issue pointed RT as one of the solutions.

Here’s the discussion:

I shoot a lot of images against the light, often with light leaks and flare in the frame. I am wondering, is there a process of fixing the stripes in RawTherapee? Has anyone used RD for this purpose? Can you describe the steps?

Thank you!

How about Preprocessing → PDAF lines filter?



I am not seeing this option…

RT version 5.4, with an a7iii .ARW file open:


It is in 5.4 (dev) or in two weeks 5.5. See: RawTherapee 5.5 is one week away.

I see, thank you so much!

Is there a way to batch process files? Would this work on dng files?

Yes, you can batch process. You should read the docs to familiarize yourself:

Thank you!