How do I know the color space of the .exr file?

(Олег Анатольевич) #1

I saved my render (i use LuxRender) in a blender in two formats, png and exr, as a result my png looks exactly as it should, and in eksr nonsense it turns out when I open it in natron or in photoshop. The impression is that Blender in some strange color space saved my file. As a result, the layers in EXP are either with excessively high contrast, or problems with gamma.

(Mikhail) #2

if you use 8-bit format like png, jpg - gamma correction is baked in the picture - as a result you see render - if you save in 32 bit - file don’t save color correction and you need use gamma 2.2 or 0.4545 in side photoshop natron usually use sRGB as default but I don’t know what colorspace setup in blender. The last idia is change color preference to blender may be it helps get better result

(Олег Анатольевич) #3

Thanks for the answer. This seems to be true.