How do i list all duplicates of all images in Linux

I would like to list al image files that have identical duplicates.
It could be like listing the “original” and the duplicate also, so i could choose which one to delete

I would prefer a tool in Darktable if possible.

I know there is a duplicate search tool in darktable, but i think it works differently.
That tool finds a duplicate for a specific file, not for all files.


I don’t think darktable can do this. You should also define what you mean by duplicate… Is that an exact byte for byte file that is the same? Or is more like “the same image but some are edited and some are not.”

Are you talking about bit-for-bit identical, visually identical or visually similar?

Digikam has a feature to find duplicates based on visual similarity. It can search your entire collection. It also lets you set how similar the images have to be to count as a match.

If you want to find bit-for-bit identical files, I can recommend dupeGuru.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply.
I am searching for a way to remove unnecessary duplicates to save disk space, that is, bit-for-bit identical files. I once used one tool, and it removed too many files from my images, and i lost important files… the tool removed both the “original” and a “bit-for-bit duplicate”. i don’t remember the name of that tool anymore :frowning: But i would like to try again with another tool, if possible.

Ah, didn’t see the other message, now i see it.
I will try dupeGuru :slight_smile: Looks like a great tool! Thanks.

On Linux you can use fdupes or rmlint.

I am using czkawka GitHub - qarmin/czkawka: Multi functional app to find duplicates, empty folders, similar images etc. for this purpose. It has a GUI which is similar to fslint-gui, which is no longer running on current distributions, but has features that I am missing from czkawka, in particular command line support of the GUI. However, other than that czkawka works well for me.

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oK. Downloaded it, Installed, but how do I use it? Is there a tut somewhere.
I have multiple dups that could free up my computer of a lot of room if got rid of.

Remember to backup. I have done quite a lot of deduplications in the past. Could be a typo or I was tired but I have been burned by nuking many important legitimate files.

As an alternative, one may use a culling application. Usually, there are duplicates that aren’t bit for bit, not even close. Culling/reviewing gives you a good overview of how you have been doing as a photographer in terms of shooting, successes/failures and asset management.