How do I quickly view the "before" image on RawTherapee?

(Mike) #1

In Lightroom, I think it’s the backslash key. Does RT have an equivalent?

I’ve since been acquainted with the shift-b toggle in RT, but I think it doesn’t show the original image.
Also, I find the 2-window setup less friendly. Any tips?

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

There is a Before|After view, Shift+b.

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

Seems you updated your question while I was posting.

[quote=“mgco, post:1, topic:789”]
think it doesn’t show the original image
[/quote]What is “the original image”?

The B|A view shows you the current image vs the previous step in history, or any step in history if you lock the “before” view with the padlock icon at some point.

(paul matthijsse) #4

I never use the B|A view, instead I use the history panel (on the left) to toggle between the before or original state(s) and the current state, and intermediate states as well.

(Pat David) #5

I also use the history stack to toggle various adjustments during my fiddling. Is there some way to bind a key (like backslash?) to toggle between a saved before state and current state? (As opposed to a B|A view - I prefer toggling the full view).

(Phil Anderson) #6

When the OP mentions the “before image” I think he is referring to the original, unedited image. (This is what the \ key does in Lightroom by default). The main problem with the before/after button is that once the image is closed, all history is lost. At this point it appears that there is no way to view the original unedited image. Or am I missing something? This is an essential feature in my opinion.

(Gord) #7

I don’t think it’s actually lost…it’s in the sidecar file. But when you close and re-open an image, the actions in the sidecar file are automatically performed without being presented in the UI. I’ve often wished that the actions would be loaded into the UI when an image is re-opened. It would be handy to be able to tweak things done in the prior edit.

(Phil Anderson) #8

I found a workaround for this issue. If you select the default processing profile from the dropdown at the top of the right panel it appears to bring the photo back to its unedited state. You will now see “PP3 Changed” in the history. Click above it on “Photo Loaded” to see the after view, and back on PP3 to see before.

If you aren’t sure what your default profile is, check it (and change it if you want) in Preferences > Image Processing [tab] > Default Processing Profile.

(Phil Anderson) #9

Regarding my workaround, make sure your photo is in the edited state when you close RawTherapee. If it’s in the unedited state, there is no way to recall the edits, as they will be overwritten on closing.