How do I run the "darktable-generate-cache" command on Windows?

I have a Darktable database on my network that is a bit slow to access at times, although with some infrastructure upgrades it’s gotten faster. I haven’t used Windows in 10 years but am for photos due to ability to customize parts. I’m reading about this cache command though and I think it would be great to implement in my use case. How do I do this?

This is Windows 10, 20H2, darktable 3.2.1, OpenCL enabled.

You have your files cached…all imported files are cached this is not something extra…it is a command to recreate your thumbnail cache which can be something you may have cause to do at some point…this is a good video explanation of the process…

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You may also find this useful…Translated DT Config Files Document v (31.1 KB)

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This worked, thank you