How do I switch from edit window to browser window?


I have been playing around in RawTherapee and trying to familiarize myself with the numerous (overwhelming) options.
One stumbling block I have run against is that, once I get an image ready to save, I cannot figure out how to get out of the editor and back to the browser window without just X-ing/closing and starting all over.
What am I not seeing ?
Thanks for reading.

(Mica) #2

Click the file browser tab. I’m mobile or I’d screenshot for you.


I must be blind; I have scrutinized the edit window thoroughly and cannot see a “file browser tab”; when I do find it I will probably feel silly for not seeing it.


(Pat David) #4

Top left of the program window. There are three tabs along the top left side of the window:


Well, this is weird; if I send a file to RawTherapee from one of my other image editors, it opens in the edit window and there ARE NO tab options to toggle back and forth from browser to editor; they are just not there; when I finish with an image and save it, my only option is to close RawTherapee.

If I select/send more than one image, instead of putting these images in queue, it opens a completely separate edit window for each image; this is kind of handy, but sometimes it overwhelms even my racehorse computer.

However, if I open RawTherapee by clicking on the task-bar icon, it opens the browser window, the little tabs are there, and I can toggle back and forth to a fare-the-well.

Thanks for the picture; it was a huge help in getting this situation figured out.

(Mica) #6

If you send a file to RawTherapee, it assumes you only want to use it as a processor, since you are using something else to view and organize, and thus does not show you the File Browser, as that’s redundant.

If you open it regularly, without send a file to it, it’ll open the File Browser, as it assumes you need to find a file to edit. It remember your last location.


I will get this conquered one of these days.

(Mica) #8

They have fairly comprehensive documentation on their wiki, called rawpedia. Mediawiki’s search isn’t my favorite, but it is workable and the information is structured well.

(Morgan Hardwood) #9

When you run RawTherapee by passing a file as an argument (e.g. right-click on a photo and select “Open with RawTherapee”) then it opens in no-File-Browser mode, which is a remnant from the past and I/we want to get rid of it.

(Peter Lavender) #10

Which is interesting, as I recall the last time I tried to use RT from digikam I’d open the file from digikam into RT and then couldn’t work out how to send it to the processing queue to process the image.

I’ll need to revisit this and confirm that behaviour.

Truth is, I really want to get the DAM and processing workflow sorted out. As it is, I have too many things, digikam, RT, darktable, gimp all doing different things and at the end of the day the DAM isn’t keeping in sync WRT tagging, ranking etc.


I have also found on Windows that I don’t have access to the queue if it’s in “single image” mode. That’s a bummer, because I have the queue set up with custom filename/path parameters which I’m now unable to use. :frowning:


In my experience this doesn’t occur on the Mac but does in Windows.


What’s the status of this? As far as I can tell from looking at the github page, it’s an orphaned issue.

(Morgan Hardwood) #14

No progress yet.