How do you create these bands?

Many videos show a band of color gradient of sorts and use it to demonstrate the feature. I want to experiment with various knobs and dials at my own pace and want to use something similar.

How do you create images of these kinds of bands. There are numerous videos, but one example at what I’m looking for is at [ENG] Colour balance rgb - YouTube at around 19th minute.

I’m on Ubuntu, so darktable/gimp instructions would be nice since that is what I have installed right now.

You can just draw them in GIMP, save into the color space you want as a TIF, then import it into darktable.

I think I am missing something. You want me to create individual gradient rectangles and choose each color value? I want to create the gradients.

Thank you for the help.

I suspect the one used in the video was indeed made in GiMP… @paperdigits is suggesting the same and noting that you can save the overall composition to a tif using whatever colorspace you want to work with ie rec2020 or prophoto or whatever…

Is this what you want?

Maybe this will help:

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