How do you open up GIMP after it is installed?

I have installed GIMP three times now. Where do I click to open GIMP?

On what operating system?

Installed three times ? Is this a Windows installation ?

Run the installer again and use the ‘customise’ option where towards the end of the dialogues is an option to add a desktop short cut.

Some explanations with animations here: gimp keeps telling me to install, but will not launch

Install from packages. Open a terminal, run gimp
flatpak Open a terminal run flatpak run org.gimp.GIMP

Linux: In you install from packages, they normally add a .desktop file at the right place and you find Gimp in the start menus.

For packages: a .desktop file: Indeed they do, so does the flatpak - at least it has for me in the past.

You haven’t replied about your OS. Assuming Windows, the default is: “C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\bin\gimp-2.10.exe”. Go there and click on the exe. If Gimp launches you are good to go. Go back there and right click on the exe and select send to > desktop as shortcut. You should also be able to get it by typing “Gimp” in the start bar.

What I usually do when gimp does finally open is pin it to my taskbar.
Don’t know if this can be done in Linux or Mac. Then the shortcut is already there to go and you can then delete your desktop shortcut.

Also in windows (if that is what you have) there in the start menu is recently added programs and you could try from there.

By the way a ‘Wilbur’ should be your gimp icon