how i can get the gothic effect?

here is the original photo

here is the result

is there anyway i can get something similar with gmic?

Well, I tried. Probably not what you want though:


If you have more details on how this gothic effect works, then there might be an answer.

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SImilar, probably. But how similar ?
Without knowledge of the algorithm used here, it’s very hard to figure out.

@drefcxt Welcome to the forum!

Re: Algorithm. The abstraction level is different per region. E.g. the shirt retains its pattern whereas the sky becomes polygons.

is there a way to determine what effects was made and then use those? or is impossible to reverse engineer

I don’t think so. You can do reverse engineering for things like gradient mapping, but not for more complicated effect like these. Maybe with some real insane math, but I would not try.

Some sleuthing brought me to

As I thought, it is the result of machine learning.

Then, in that case, there’s nothing we can do to copy the effect if we wanted to. Especially as it isn’t open-source.