How many ffmpegs do you have?

There are 7 on my system. :stuck_out_tongue:

As in… Different versions?

Only 7, @afre? Feeble. I have, oh gosh, 418 (not necessarily different versions). A copy comes with every installation of ImageMagick and I have, umm, quite a lot of those.

Maybe I should do some housekeeping.

@paperdigits Yes.

@snibgo Competitive much? Down to 6.

I’m down to 27 now. My laptop is breathing easier now it has a bit more free space.

Apparently important enough that I have it in my home:

pat@mother ~
$ ls
archive-youtube-dl.txt  df         Dropbox         github   Media      Pictures  snap  Videos
bin                     Documents  ffmpeg_build    gitlab   Music      Projects  tmp
Desktop                 Downloads  ffmpeg_sources  Library  Nextcloud  Public    todo