How much can you improve?

The picture was taken with a fairly old Xiaomi mobile phone using the F/OSS camera software “open camera”, saved in DNG format. How much can you improve through processing? Here is my attempt at it. What would be your take ?

The photo is of a pair of flowers Madonna Lily in its full glory in the warm spring.

1709882624956 .dng (23.2 MB)

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I couldn’t do much with it. I really had to jack up the contrast to get anything nearly as good as yours. dt 4.6.1

1709882624956 .dng.xmp (8.8 KB)


Beautiful flowers.
GIMP. Reduced exposure by 1EV. Small adjustments using luminosity masks and a slight increase in saturation on the petals.

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1709882624956 .dng.xmp (18.8 KB)

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My attempt.

1709882624956 .dng.xmp (16.8 KB)

There is a weird grid on the flower leaves.

Edit: It is apparently due to the strong decrease of the brightness of the blue channel I did in color calibration.


1709882624956 .dng.xmp (10.3 KB)

1709882624956 _01.dng.xmp (10.7 KB)

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nice shot! Here my version with RT dev:

1709882624956 .dng.jpg.out.pp3 (15,1 KB)

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The grid is in RAW-data and i wasn’t able to eliminate it by demosaicing or PDAF-Filter, then “Impulse Noise Reduction” did the trick.

2022-08-06_en-chemin-vers-JP_0007.dng.xmp (10.3 KB)

Grabbed my sidecar from this old thread… included as it covers similar subject and source material for possible review by OP or others using opencamera,

Decided to do a quick re-edit to see where I would end up if I did it today…

1709882624956 .dng.xmp (12.2 KB)

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My version…

1709882624956 .dng.xmp (21.4 KB)


Well, I did a save sidecar, but no idea where darktable puts them. Not near the image.

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You must have sidecars turned off?? otherwise should be with the source image…

The double dots seem to be in the original.

1709882624956 _08.dng.xmp (17.2 KB)

P.S. Don’t study my color adjustments looking for intelligence. :laughing:


A different approach from my earlier post:

1709882624956 _01.dng.xmp (8.4 KB)


1709882624956 .dng.xmp (11.6 KB)

I was surprised how much I had to push saturation into this image to bring out the colors.

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The open camera raw files are a weird DNG and seem to be very desaturated… the link I posted above works through that in an older thread… they have weird matrix info and wb info and they are only 10bit even for phones that have better sensors…

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No, it’s set on: Create XMP files > after edit.

I start to get it now: I didn’t import the image to dt. I did a “open with… dt”. The XMP was saved in the download folder, I looked only where I saved the jpg. Issue solved.

1709882624956 .dng.xmp (12.5 KB)

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Hot pixels in darktable also works.


1709882624956 .dng.arp (12.0 KB)


My approach…

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