How to achieve this photoillustration look in Darktable?

I’m a huge fan of this, but I can’t seem to recreate even similar look in Darktable (or in ART).

Attached the original image on which I tried to experiment.

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The original tutorial uses gimp and gmic, both of which are Foss, why not use those?

Because if possible, I don’t want to use 3 programs to achieve this result. I don’t need a pixel perfect recreation, just a similar look.

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@Iain actually did the whole series of steps in G’MIC with this:

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Well your task kind of calls for it… DT is a raw processor…not an effects generator…not to say you cannot do some creative stuff with it but this is not its purpose…

You can probably achieve part of it with diffuse and sharpen’s bloom preset with an overlay mode.


That’s what I wanted, thanks!

Diffuse and sharpen with multiply, some tone and contrast equalizer and color balance RGB. Need some refinement, but it’s a good start.