How to add Audio

(Chad Vn) #1

I m new in natron, Is there a solid tutorials how to add audio in natron? is there any step by step guide? I am windows user

will natron will have discord channel too, for easy and updated on natron progress?

(Omar Brown) #2

Here is Natron’s discord link to register at There is no audio for Natronat the moment.

(Ulvi YELEN) #3

i think we should postpone the 3d thing for now. audio support would be more effective property creating stunning videos. music is inspirational. and the timing is a very important video making essence. audio support is should be the first thing to develop. no need to export. just listen for timing and to feel the video emotions.

(Mikhail) #4

the audio need if we work with cut of some scenes. It is very helpfull for mix two different footages for example. But Natron and Nuke is the programm for one shot
Some time ago I saw addon for Blender that helped to cutting some sequences prodused with natron

(Mikhail) #5

cool tutorial about working with audio in Natron

(Siddhant Rane) #6

Natronizer for Blender is the name of the addon. It links Blender’s VSE and Natron.

(magdesign) #7

The audio thing is indeed a very good point.
A simple audio loader node which would load an audio file and plays it in realtime would be amazing.
Future additions like waveform data extraction could be added later on.
I have no idea how hard or easy it would be to use aplay, gstreamer, ffmpeg or something similar to add audio. Just for comping FX to the beat. No need to export it within the renders…