How to add GPS tags to your photos using ExifTool

(Morgan Hardwood) #1
  1. Find the spot on the map and get the coordinates.
    The first number is the latitude which specifies the north-south position.
    The second number is the longitude which specifies the east-west position.

      Click the spot and you will find the latitude and longitude in the URL as well as in a popup notification dialog:
      Double-click the spot - the map will center on that area, and then you have the right coordinates in the URL:
  2. Tag your photo:
    You need to set the following tags:

    exiftool -overwrite_original -GPSLatitudeRef=N -GPSLatitude=28.30539 -GPSLongitudeRef=W -GPSLongitude=-16.83983 photo.jpg

(Tobias) #2

Or use the map module in darktable: