How to apply "My Profiles" to multiple photos

In RawThreapee 5.10: I can select one photo (in the Editor tab), then from the Processing Files tab on the right, I can select any of the bundled profiles, or my own favourite saved profile - and apply it to the photo currently open in the middle. I can do this one photo at a time.
With several similar photos, can I select them all, and apply my saved favourite profile to all of them at once? If I simply highlight all the photos, the edits are only applied to the one that’s open.
If I go back to the File Browser tab, and select all the photos there, then I don’t have the option to select my saved profile anymore - even though there an edit tab on the right. Hope that makes sense. (I’m using the Mac build 5.10 running on Sonoma)
Thanks you!

after editing one pic, you can copy this profile to the clipboard (top right) an then, in filmstripe above, highlight all the pics you want to apply the profile. Then right click to one of them and choose “insert profile”.


Brilliant! That works nicely. Thank you very much.

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Now you see! In all my time using RawTherapee I never knew that! Granted that it isn’t something I’ve really needed to do myself, but you really do learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing that useful tip, @marter!

Speaking of such, it would be great to collate a bunch of ‘top tips’ together all in one place – maybe my RawTherapist page? I’ll have to look into it.


Actually, this has prompted me to ask a question of my own: is there a quick way of applying a tone curve accross several profiles? At the moment, I’m copying the curve to the clip board, then loading up a profile, pasting the curve, saving the profile, loading the next profile, pasting the curve, saving that profile… one at a time until they’re all done.

All my profiles are staggered. So they each contain only few settings. I rely heavily on dynamic profiles which means you can specify it so that each files has several profiles applied depending on camera/exposure/iso/lens etc.

So if you have a curve you like save it as it’s own profile don’t “pollute” it with other settings.