How to apply the crop?

I’ve cropped an image but I can’t figure out how apply that crop. If I send it to the queue it shows the cropped area as a black border. I want the image to show as I cropped it. I must be missing something as that should be pretty basic.

I watched a rather old video about cropping which ended up not answering that question. Folks were asking how to apply it in the comments and his answer was you don’t apply the crop. It’s applied when it’s processed? I don’t understand that.

edit: In another video it’s explained that because it’s a raw file the image isn’t cropped until it’s exported. I guess I get that but it sure is different than other software packages.

Just right-click.

Yes, thanks, I read that but it didn’t talk about how to apply the crop like you would in other editors. Of course it didn’t talk about that because you don’t apply it until it’s exported.

Coming from Affinity, DxO, Lightroom, etc I was looking for the “apply” button.


or shortcut key " f "