How to bring out the underexposed trees from this raw file so they look more like the ones in the in-camera jpeg?

_DSC0762.ARW (23.8 MB)

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Hi, and welcome to Pixls!

First of all: You need to add a permissive license to your image. People will be hesitant, and rightly so, to start editing and uploading your image.

That being said, I’ll take my chances and post what I did with your RAW (quick edit):

underexp.trees.arw.xmp (12.8 KB) darktable 3.5.0

Just in case you do not have access to dt 3.5.0 (which is a development version): The above is done using:

  • exposure,
  • filmic,
  • color balance,
  • tone curve,
  • local contrast

And a few other things, but those aren’t really about bringing out the trees.


That’s a really cool photo! Where is this?

I did a quick edit with the tone equalizer and color balance. I increased the exposure in mainly the foreground and desaturated the image a bit to keep the misty look.

_DSC0762.ARW.xmp (12.4 KB)

I don’t know what your ooc jpeg looks like, but this would be my take on balancing the image.

_DSC0762.ARW.xmp (10.6 KB)


Hi, thanks!

How do I add a license to the image? For what it’s worth, just so it’s in writing somewhere, I give permission for this image to be used to create derivative works without the requirement of giving credit to the original author.

I really like your edit. When I load in your xmp file to darktable (I have 3.2.1) it looks decidedly off however, starting around the step where the local contrast is added - is this likely just an issued caused by the version difference?

I think this is what you require.

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Yes, it is.

In general you cannot use a sidecar file from a newer version in an older version.

In this specific case it will definitely not work 'cause I used the new blending modes in this edit, which were not yet available in 3.2.1.

You mention being on 3.2.1 and you might want to upgrade to the latest stable version (3.4.1 or if you are on Windows). The latest stable does have many advantages over the one you are using at the moment.

Mine was done with the latest, at times not stable, development version (3.5.0). I would not advise you to install that one though.

I tried to replicate the one I did in 3.5.0 in the older 3.2.1 version. It is not exactly the same. The colour is a bit off (greens) among other small things, but there’s a reason why there is a newer version :slight_smile:

Anyway, have a look at this sidecar to get a feel for what I did: sidecar for dt 3.2.1

quick edit

underexposed trees__DSC0762.ARW.xmp (11.8 KB)


Thanks! It’s somewhere in Snowdonia, North Wales near Beddgelert but I forget where exactly

Thanks everyone for the edits, I’ll have to go through them and see what you did. You’ve all managed much better edits than I was heading towards, so this has definitely been a good learning experience

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I’m late but here is my try

_DSC0762.ARW.xmp (16.2 KB)

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_DSC0762.ARW.xmp (16.5 KB)

I wouldn’t go that far with illuminating the trees in the foreground. Here it is important to decide what lies in the focus.

For me, this is clearly the play of light in the distance on the mountainside. And this little point of light in the foreground, the illuminated moss and grass to the left of central tree, leads into the scene. It adds a nice depth to the whole event.

_DSC0762_05.ARW.xmp (19,1 KB)


Wysyłanie: _DSC0762-SNS-HDR_Default-LAB.jpg
Fast ball
SNS-HDE Lite 2.7.2 + GUI 30sec => GIMP => LAB
you still need to remove AC and improve denoise