How to call RBF subsky from command line or PySiril

Hello Siril Team,

RBF subsky looks great

Could you please help how I can call it from command line and PySiril?
subsky { -rbf | degree } [-samples=20] [-tolerance=1.0] [-smooth=0.5] ???

“subsky -rbf” doesn’t work for me.
21:09:54: Running command: subsky
21:09:54: Polynomial degree order must be within the [1, 4] range.
21:09:54: Command execution failed.

Probably one more question is it possible to add -dither to polynomial subsky from command line and pysiril?

-rbf option has not be implemented in 1.0.2 version.
This done only in the dev version that will become the 1.2.0.

Same for dither

Thank you!

Any ETA when 1.2.0 can be released?

Hopefully in 2022, we really don’t know.

Thank you!