How to change datetime display format


I can’t find it in settings so asking here:

how can I change default datetime display format to something like yyyy-MM-dd hh:mm:ss (so something like 2023-03-30 20:00:00) instead of 3/30/23 8:00 PM?

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It’s possible (even likely) there is no such setting (I couldn’t find one either), and that the format is taken from your OS settings.

Most users will have set their OS to display the dates in the way they prefer, or that is customary for their country/region/language (Locale settings). Usually you can select a main locale, and adapt parts to your personal preferences. That should provide good consistency between well-behaved programs.
I use a mixture of UK and French settings, with date/time set to ISO standard (don’t ask for the why :stuck_out_tongue: ).

There are system functions to format date strings, which (of course) will use the system settings. Those can be overridden, but that’s rarely useful.

Hello @Claes , I think that time adjustment tool doesn’t work system-wide, it’s just to adjust time on a (series of) photo(s).

I couldn’t find a system-wide adjustment neither, as @rvietor. Perhaps he’s right that that doesn’t exist…

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@Matrixik What operating system?

@paulmatthijsse : a “normal” user program shouldn’t make system-wide changes (i.e. changes that affect other programs) if at all avoidable. And afaik, digikam doesn’t make such adjustments.

And, at least under Linux/KDE, system-wide adjustments to the way dates and times are displayed are possible.

I installed digiKam a couple of weeks ago and looked for a way to change the date and time display to ISO format. From the info that I managed to find, I think you are right about digiKam using the KDE (or Qt) environment. My slightly hacked locale normally works ok, but digiKam appears to ignore it. I use Devuan and Xfce4.

I was not clear indeed. With ‘system-wide’ I meant within Digikam. So instead changing the date format for a couple of photos, I was looking for a way to instruct Digikam to apply another data/time format to all the photos in Digikam’s collections. That doesn’t seem to be possible.

Thank you all for comments.
Setting LC_TIME fixed it for me.

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On MAC and I do not see how to fix this.
I would like to see AT LEAST the full year as it is very confusing when I work with dates in early 1900 or before.