How to change demosaicing in iPhone's Apple ProRAW?

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 15 Pro
There is no demosaicing setting in Apple ProRAW.
I have heard that Apple ProRAW is Apple optimised RAW (DNG) file, is it possible to be able to edit the initial RAW file?

If I’m not mistaken, ProRAW stands for processed RAW, and thus demosaicing is already done when the DNG is created. So, this is not a true RAW file to begin with and you cannot change/set the demosaicing method.

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ProRAW is a form of what is often referred to by many as “Linear DNG” (which is a bit of a misnomer since normal Bayer-mosaiced DNGs are usually linear too, and BOTH can be stored in nonlinear form with a linearization table to reduce file size…)

It’s done like this because modern burst stacking algorithms include demosaicing as part of how they operate - [1905.03277] Handheld Multi-Frame Super-Resolution for example for Google’s approach. Apple’s exact approach is not documented but it’s clearly similar in nature.

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@Entropy512: That, the link posted, reads like technology based on pixel shift, an option found in more and more modern full frame cameras. I wonder why the smart phone version does not allow for demosaicing afterwards while RAWs from the full frame pixel shift cameras can.

The reason has probably to do with storage/file size and ease of use, assuming that the fast majority of the phone users are not interested in RAW editing. Might also have to do with the inherent problems that pixel shift brings with it and the solutions for this created by the team mentioned in your linked article.

It’s a mix of storage/file size (storing 10-15 separate raw shots on a mobile device) and also the fact that pixel shift is a bit easier to demosaic since it’s deterministic, as opposed to being randomly driven by hand tremors. Plus there’s all of the subject motion detection/compensation magic.