How to Change digiKam Appearance ???


It has came to my attention that all of the digiKam screenshots that I see have an entirely different appearance than the most recent digiKam on my machine = Windows 7

I have poked around in every nook and cranny of my menus, settings, and options, and I cannot find anywhere that gives me the option to change the appearance.

Is this a Linux only thing; or, am I not seeing something ?

Thanks for reading and all help is appreciated.


There are Themes to choose from in Tools - Themes.

There are also multiple settings all over the settings menu e.g. font size, tooltips, icons/text, etc.

You can also configure the upper toolbar for your needs. (via right click I think)

In addition to that you can use hot keys to show/hide some stuff, e.g. Ctrl + T will hide the thumbnails bar when in Preview mode


Thanks; as my old Granny used to say when she was looking right at something that she couldn’t find “Why, if it had of been a snake, it would have bit me”

I sometimes think that this stuff purposefully hides from me just to make me ask silly questions…

I went straight to Themes, chose Black, and now everything is easier to see.

Thanks again.


At least the left panel should be fluid.
Or at least with an option to auto-hover open/close. It’s too much to click it open and click it closed when just hover auto open/close :slight_smile:

Best though if width would be free to choose.

Another suggestion: I’ll add itlater :smiley:


Preview area/window - could it alternatively be part of the main GUI without clicking back and forth of thumbs…?

I understand that space might be an issue~ hmmm

Somewhat like this?

? Perhaps if PPL could save 2-3 different GUI layouts? Save & change on the fly :slight_smile:


R-D-E, it is best to submit suggestions on
Also, if you have any programming skills you could submit a pull request / patch.