How to change partial text

Hello all.

I am new here. I have been using Photoshop for years, but now I am retired I cannot afford to keep paying for it every month, so I am trying Gimp to see if I can use it instead. First, I am trying to convert Photoshop files into Gimp files, and one problem is the rendering of text layers. I know Gimp will not read Photoshop (.psd) text layers and I have therefore added text layers manually using the Gimp text tool.

Sorry if this is a duplicate but I couldn’t find this topic anywhere. Now I want to change the colour of different parts of a text box. For example: “My text comment”. with “My” in green, “text” in yellow, and "comment "in blue.

I can only seem to do this by creating a separate layer for each coloured text, but I want to do it all within the same text layer if possible. This is because I have about 50 lines of text and require to use three colours of text in each line.

I have been able to change the colour of all text in the box, but not parts of it.

Can anyone help?

Best wishes and thanks in advance.

Tog :slight_smile:

You use the on-canvas text tool, select a part of the text and adjust the selection as required font / size / colour …etc

As this 40 second demo:

However, for multiple lines of text this is going to be very tedious as there is no multi-select option for the text tool (as yet)

You might actually be better off making a copy of the text layer a raster layer, enable alpha-lock and painting over the required text.

edit: An example of the possibility

Note I am painting straight lines click-at-start → shift → click at end

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Welcome Tog. I own Photoshop pepectual licenses but have always deferred to GIMP. I simply prefer it. Yes coming from Photoshop some things will be different. You certainly can change the font, color and size of text within a single text box. If the supplied answer by Rich doesn’t solve your problem let me know. BTW, once a text layer is transformed (rotated etc) it can no longer be edited without undoing the transformation.

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Hello Richard.

Many thanks for taking the time to answer. Option one is my preferred method at the moment, and it works well for me, but I look forward to the time when the selection of multiple text items within a box, maybe using the Ctrl key, becomes available.

Is there a place we can suggest mods to Gimp?

Best wishes.

Tog :slight_smile:

Thanks Terry.

it is interesting that a text layer can no longer be edited once transformed. In Photoshop, text can still be altered once a transformation has taken place, unless it has been rasterised.

It will take me some time to get used to Gimp, but so far, so good. I am a pensioner (71 next week) so maybe learning new things is a bit slower for me than it used to be.

I still have Photoshop, but plan to stop subscribing once I am happy with Gimp.

The current financial situation with rising energy costs and increased prices for just about everything has forced me to look at all subscriptions and evaluate them with a view to saving money.

Best wishes.

Tog :slight_smile:

In Gimp 2.10 you can do it this way:

  • Add a layer above the text
  • Set its composite mode to “Clip to backdrop”
  • Put both layers in a group so that Clip to backdrop only apply to backdrop made by other layers in the group

You can of course use rectangles of color around letters:

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Gimp 2.10 does save the original text properties. Say you rotate the text layer, it becomes a raster layer. Use the text tool, click in the layer and you get options to restore the original, pre-transformed text.

Usually best to take no chances and duplicate the text layer as a backup (and turn layer visibility off). For some translations, convert the text to a path then translate the path. That generally gives a cleaner result as well.

Where to ask for enhancements: Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

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There’s an unfinished code patch to allow you to keep editing text in GIMP once rotated. I have a “working” version of it built, but more work needs to be done for it to be added official. Hopefully in the near-ish future!

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Sounds great :slight_smile:

Do you use Lightroom as part of your subscription? Do you photograph in JPG or RAW? The reason I ask is to try and understand what sort of editing you are doing?

GIMP was used to make the films of Harry Potter and Stewart Little so it is no slouch. It works a little differently to photoshop and people sometime struggle with change. I look forward to you saving your adobe subscription costs. If you had a perpetual licence then why change, but since you have a subscription and are retired you have better stuff to with your money. Good luck andI look forward to helping show you the GIMP way.

Thanks Terry. No, I don’t use lightroom/ My go to has been Photoshop for many years. I shoot in RAW and have downloaded the Raw Therapee plug-in for Gimp.

I also use Photoshop for creating graphics for local community websites and creating 30" x 20" digital art pieces, which I sell for charity (see )

I tried to cancel Photoshop yesterday and they said I have to pay an early termination fee (sneaky). However, when I went on their chat I was given three months free, so that is plenty of time to test Gimp before finally cancelling Adobe.

Thanks for your help.

Tog :slight_smile:

Hi Tog, if you run into issues doing the switch from Photoshop to GIMP, just ask and I will try and help.

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Looking at you needs as a digital artist is out of my league. It might be worth posting an example of your digital art in a new post and asking for recommendations for the best FOSS programs to use. It may be GIMP or there may be something better. BTW, great art works and a great cause. Best of luck with your endeavours.

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