How to change resolution of jpeg exports?

Hi there!
I’m quite new to RawTherapee. After editing an image I send it to the output queue. This then renders the image as a jpeg to my disk.

The problem is, that the resolution of the jpeg is very low (900x600px). How can I change the default resolution for all my outputs?

I already looked in the queue-windows, the settings dialog and Googled a lot (including RawPedia)… couldn’t find a solution :frowning:

Moinchen @VanKurt and welcome!

What software is reporting 900x600px on your outputs?
What operating system?
What RT version?

Claes in Lund, Schweden

Are you using fast export ?

Use this instead of fast export:


Hi Bernd, and welcome to Pixls!

Maybe too obvious, but it has not been mentioned yet: Did you enable/set the resize module?

For example, this is a default for me when doing PlayRaws:


It is turned on by default and resizes to 2560 pixels on the longest side.

Hey guys, thanks for your hep.
Indeed the solution was to enable and configure the Resize-module. It’s a little weird that I have to make this setting on a per-image-basis, but this seems to be the way to go.

IMHO a global export-profile (like Capture 1 has) would be more convenient… :wink:

You should not have to enable the resize module for full export at all.

IMHO not using fast export is the way to go for you.


Just a quick bit of support for heckflosse.

Indeed, to the OP, If you’ve been clicking “Put to queue (Fast export)”, don’t.

Click just “Put to queue”.

I don’t know why, but the “fast export” option reduces the size of the image (at least on my Windows machine). But the simple “Put to queue” option does no such thing.

The resize module really shouldn’t enter into play unless you actually do want to change the size of your image.

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Putting the image to the queue will render it at full resolution. In my case that would be a file with ~8000px width, which consumes a lot of disk space. Since I view the images mainly on my computer, that is not neccessary.

Thus there is no way around using/configuring the resize module for every image, correct?


Why not define the settings for resize/crop in your profiles?

Yes, if you indeed want to change the size of your images, you need to use the resize module, as you would in any image processing software (their equivalent in any case).

As Martin said, you can make a profile for the image size change. Here’s the RawPedia article, but custom profiles are a starting point for your processing, not an ending point. So you’d have to be sure of the size you want from the get-go.


I guess setting a fixed output size for all your images is not a typical workflow, but anyway:

  1. if you want all your images to be exported e.g. as 1920x1080 px, then you should open an image (any image), turn on the Resize tool, set the desired width and height and save the profile with those settings (and place it in a specific location explained here). After that, set such profile as your default profile, and thereafter all your images will be exported with that size
  2. if you want a wider selection of output sizes, then you will need to
    • create partial processing profiles (one profile for each output size). In the saving dialog uncheck everything except Composition settings>Resize and name the processing profile with an adequate filename
    • learn about how to use the different fill modes
    • just before exporting an image, apply the partial profile which has the desired output size (make sure the fill mode button shows an icon whose middle lines are dark grey, aka the preserve icon)

It won’t be as straight as having them in a predefined list, but you will be able to create your own selection of output sizes.