How to clean up / configure Discourse's memory of my topic views history

Maybe I’ve just missed it, so let me know if I have.

What I’m referring to is how suggested / recent / (other?) lists are populated with topics and posts based apparently on the tags of other topics and posts I’ve viewed …since the Big Bang, apparently. :slight_smile: Trouble is, many of them are now irrelevant and therefore clutter, particularly in the mobile app.

For example, at some point in the past I’ve viewed, and even participated in, some G’MIC and Siril posts. Nothing at all against either, but I’m not actively using either right now so for Discourse to continually suggest and/or follow (as previously read) G’MIC and Siril topics is irrelevant to me.

Ideally I’d like to disable the entire ‘suggested’ functionality but that’s probably not possible. I have browser bookmarks for every ‘forum’ (tag) I follow and I review them only, so suggestions are irrelevant. But since it’s probably impossible to disable suggestions, is there a way to selectively disassociate myself (my history, etc.) from those topics / tags? Or maybe otherwise reduce the clutter? It’s kinda like looking at something on FB or YT and then suddenly that’s all you see…

I’m not personally a fan of the cross-pollinated nature of Discourse (I much prefer conventional isolated forums) but that’s just me. If it could be tamed it would be great.


You best bet is probably to use a browser extension like uBlock Origin to hide the suggested category.

I’m just asking as I’m interested, what is this suggested/recent list? I always just go to the pixls home page, this:

and I don’t have any suggestions or pollination! :slightly_frowning_face:

I see the suggestions sometimes when creating a new topic: " Your topic is similar to…". But I never see it when reading and/or replying to existing threads.

At the bottom of this (and every other) thread is a suggested topics list:

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I take that to mean Discourse offers no specific functionality along that line, then…


Not that I am aware of. But you can dig through their docs.

Right you are! I’ve ignored them for so long that I don’t even see them any more and forgot they were there. I stop reading when I see this:

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Me too! Thanks everyone… :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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At first glance that appears to be very descriptive . :slight_smile: The Discourse “documentation” is initially kinda inpenetrable and since it’s hosted in Discourse, that adds to the difficulty (rather than just having a straight-up user manual). Kinda like having to understand X before you can ask for help to understand X… Oh well – guess I’ll poke around for a while.


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Yeah, I stop at the end, too. :smiley:

But I’d really like to clean up my topic list for each category. In standard forums, that would be to “mark this forum read”, but that’s apparently something that can’t be done in Discourse (and given its apparent linking of “read” with “eternally interested”, maybe it’s a good thing). I’ve muted several categories and that’s supposed to prevent new posts / topics showing up, e.g., in the mobile app. But old topics that I must’ve read loooonnnnggg ago are perpetually highlighted. I’d like to put them away for good.

I’ve also set my tracking time to 10 minutes, so maybe that’ll reduce my lingering footprint. That will hopefully give me time to check out a topic without being automatically married to it.

The actual “discourse” (conversation) here on PIXLS is phenomenal, but for the way I like to read, Discourse (the software) makes it messy and “loose” (i.e., the cross-pollination I mentioned). Too much unrelated information. And I won’t even go into the abomination that is infinite scrolling. :slight_smile:

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