How to close Roto

I cannot close Roto.
How to close?
I would like to get square, not line.

you can use rectangle tool instead

Just click on the first point of your rotoshape and Natron will automatically close it.

i couldn’t do that :V

Thank you for the replies.

I know rectangle tool, but my problem is cannnot close rotoshape.
When I used rectangle tool, I could make square with filled color.

I tried clicking on the first point of rotoshaoe, but I cannnot close it…

My OS type is macOS Catalina 10.15.6.
My Natron version is 2.3.15.

Hello, @Kasa. You can close the roto with the following ways:
1st way: After drawing Roto, move your mouse pointer to the first created point and do right click (as said user Hank).
2nd way: After drawing Roto, select Roto Panel->Pen Icon->Open/Close Shape tool, click to any point and the roto will be closed.

Thank you.
I didn’t know how to use Open/Close Shape tool, so I’m grad to hear that!
I tried both way, but I cannnot close rotoshape.

I re-installed Natron and clear all plugins I added.
But The situation didn’t change.

I cannot close rotoshape with pencil tool, but I could close it with bezier tool!

I am so grateful that so many people have advised me on very basic questions.
Thank you so much!

Just hit “Enter” after making the 3rd dot…