How to create white balance presents for DarkTable using in Windows


I’m a newbie here and I’m wondering how do I create the white balance presets for my camera (Panasonic Lumix S5) for use in Darktable?

I read about the use of and another shell script, both of which are compatible with Linux and didn’t work on Windows.

What options do I have from within Windows?

Thank you

You can install Python on Windows to run the .py script. The ‘other shell script’ would probably run using bash, which is also available for Windows.

However, if you set

preferences > processing > auto-apply chromatic adaptation defaults = modern

then the presets won’t be used: the white balance module will use the fixed camera reference value, and color calibration will be used to adjust white balance. See:

You’ll find videos on YouTube; these are from the module’s author:

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Is that second one the one where AP demonstrates shooting the white screen to get reference values for the modern WB workflow??

EDIT: It is…I just took the time to check…

Python for Windows and exiftool on the path should be all you need.

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Thank you all for your responses. I’ve submitted the white balance presets and I’ll go through the relevant pages in the manual, to better understand the process.