How to dispose of old lenses in an environmentally-conscious way?


I have a lens which is worn-out/damaged beyond economical repair. It was purchased in the EU so I may have paid the token “recycle” tax for it. I assume it shouldn’t go in the trash bin, and despite all the glass it contains it won’t go with the bottles either. It it recycled like electronics?

(Glenn Butcher) #2

If it has electronic circuits in it, I’d say recycle it as such, as those components are probably the most detrimental to the environment. After that, my guess is the most opportune component for recycling would be steel, brass, and other metal components, but whether they’re recycled will depend on the resolve of the electronics recycler. The plastic is probably too different from the standard recyclables. Same with the glass. You could take it apart and farm it out to various recyclers, see what they think; the electronics folks should take anything that looks like a circuit board, metal recyclers tend to know what to look for. I’d keep the glass, it’s fun to play with… :smiley:

This, from someone who recycles diligently in the USA…


Good idea.