How to do Sunbeam effect in GIMP?




Sunbeam effect


If somebody here use blender, there is something called sunbeam filter. Anybody know how to get similar effect in GIMP?


I use zoom motion blur, but the effect is not quite the same as sunbeam filter in blender.

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You can copy the layer, apply the effect to the lower layer, then use the perspective adjustment to adjust the blur to your liking.


Any suggestion to make the “tail” not blocky? You can see the 2nd post the sunbean fade out smoothly.

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Gaussian blur might work.

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You could also try a layer mask to fine tune how the edges of the tail fade out.

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gimp + gmic -> Lights and shadows -> Light rays

Lamentably, it can not have X and Y in negative

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I would try the linear blur:


Hey, thanks that is awesome.
But you are right cannot change x and y more than 100% is sad, almost make it useless.


I tried linear blue but it blur in two direction rather than 1.

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I modify the canvas and displace the figure afterwards go back to cut

ping @David_Tschumperle

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Just changed the slider range for filter ‘Light rays’. It should appear in 30 minutes or so in your plug-in after a filter refresh (if you’re running G’MIC 2.2+).
Anyway, this filter has not been coded initially for a range outside [0,100]%, so some smoothing artifacts appear with those out-of-range values.


This is what I cobbled together. It is kind of buggy. Edit: added more orientations.

PS I added the code in the G’MIC exercises thread here ↓

G'MIC exercises
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That effect used?

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I thought in [-100,100] or [-∞,∞]


Yep, if the number is negative or more than 100 then there are visible artifact.
Maybe take some code from Blender sunbeam filter node?

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I want to something to cross gimp with blender
“ora” maybe

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Not surprising, the initial code has not been designed with this range of values.

If someone wants to translate it as a new G’MIC filter, I’ll be happy to replace the existing Light Rays filter if we get more features with the new one.