How to export with original photo date?


When I export my photos they are all getting the date of the day I export them (using darktable).
That makes me some problem when later I save edited and unedited photos together in the same folder and try to sort them by date, or uploading them to google photos.

For example, I edited photos now (2020) of a trip I had in 2018. After edited some photos and uploading them to google photos I see them on the timeline of 2020 and not with all the rest of my photos in 2018.

I would be happy to know if there is any way I can change it, or if you have any good advice for me.


Hi and weldome! Which software are you using?

thank you!

I forgot to write it - I am using darktable. (I added it to my first comment now)

When you create a new file on any computer it gets the current timestamp as the creation date.

A good practice to keep a different date is to write it into the filename, for example: 20201224_christmas.jpg

Darktable can read out the creation date of a photo out of its EXIF data and write it into the filename. This is documented in the manual, under the export settings.

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I use this method in my files, but let’s take the example of google photos - it doesn’t sort the photos timeline by their names, but by the metadata.

look at this photo details:

I exported this photo, which was taken in 2018, but its date is from today,
then if I upload it to google photos it won’t be in the correct timeline with the rest of the photos.

That is file metadata, and generally you would change it. The original capture time is in the jpeg exif data, which any serious photo program would read.

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You can change the image’s embedded metadata (including dates) with exif utilities.
On unix-based systems you can change file date stamps with shell commands.
Both such operations can be encapsulated as an executable script.
I always have to look that kind of stuff up before actually doing it. But it isn’t hard.

I doubt you can do either directly with darktable.