How to fill an image with a Pattern

Hi there,

I am new to Gimp. I am looking for help using the Fill Pattern, I believe with the Bucket Fill Tool. Unfortunately It doesn’t seem to be working. I was able to do it with 1 flagstone pattern. but now going to do a second one, it’s now not working. It almost seems like GIMP is not detecting the line art or area to fill?

I have imported 3 stamped concrete patterns I would like to “paint” each stone area with if that makes sense.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!


Hi @acox, and welcome!

I am not certain that I understand what you are aiming at, but let’s have a go…
As far as I know, Bucket fill fills something into a selection.


So, what do you have selected after flagstone pattern 1 is filled?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Good afternoon! Thank you for responding! I have attached a video of me trying to click on the areas and nothing happening. Thank you for your help!

Aha :slight_smile: Please try right-click and fill with pattern.

It is doing the whole area :frowning:


Note that Bucket Fill has multiple options that affect how the fill occurs. At the top of the Options panel when you select Bucket Fill is “Fill Type (Alt)” with three options: 1. FG color fill; 2. BG color fill; 3. Pattern Fill. You’ve selected Pattern Fill. Note the options that appear when you select Pattern Fill: 1. Fill whole selection; 2. Fill similar colors; 3. Fill by line art detection. By your screen shot, I see that the third of these is selected, “Fill by line art detection.” If you want your subsequent Bucket Fill attempts to completely fill the whole image, then you need to select “Fill whole selection.” This will also affect a rectangular or other selection you use tools/mouse to create. Selecting “Fill similar colors” will cause yet more options to occur, as does “Fill by line art detection” which you can experiment to see what happens.

To do what you want, I’d select the Rectangle Tool (or the Lasso Tool) and select the sets of “stones” on which you want to have a second type of fill applied (in the section tool options, be sure to select the “Add to current selection” mode option so that each time you draw the selection with the tool it’s added to what you’ve already selected to build up the total areas you want the next Bucket Fill to apply to. A bit of busy work, to be sure, but it should do what I think you want to do.


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Not too sure what the overall requirement is. A complete fill or a fill of specific areas. Either way you need to extract the joints pattern and fill underneath that pattern in a new layer.

Not easy to extract that joints pattern, I used a combination of threshold tool and selections and a bit of hand touch up. Not going to spend much time on it, it is your masterpiece.

It might go like this 40 second demo:

Note, the layer mode for the joints pattern.
Gimp can use drop-n-drag in many instances. You can drag in from the patterns dock instead of using the bucket fill.
If various blocks are required, select them first then fill.
Comment on your patterns. They are not seamless, you will see a joint. At the end of that little demo I used a small pattern resynthesized (a Gimp plugin, there are other ways) from the larger pattern.

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Thank you very much for your response and video. I have attached what an example of what I am trying to do, I just made this in Paint.

I guess I need to include more “textures” that I have mirrored / rotated as well as the different colours I am wanting.

Is there a way that each texture would “fill” each stone area and just stretch to the size so you don’t have the seem problem?

I was actually able to find another program to help me achieve what I wanted.

I am pleased you found a solution. Obviously Gimp is not for you.

There are ways. You can bucket fill a selection. (1) or using a layer mask paint in under the image with a pattern (2) The clone tool does act as brush when the source is set to a pattern.