How to find all files with PP3 extentions that have BEEN EDITED, setting RT so that photo is not marked viewed unless actually edited?

(Mi) #1

Hello. I need to find all the files I have worked on in RAW therapee that I have edited, so that I can batch process them all. They are on varying drives, folders, etc. Also is there a setting that will not cause files to be marked with a green checkmark if all I have done is viewed them, but not actually edited them? Or way to set RT to not create PP3 file for images I have not made any changes to with RT processing?


(Morgan Hardwood) #2

Not yet. There is a branch which attempts to solve that, but progress is stalled:

(Mi) #3

Oh. Ok. Is there some section of the forums I should officially post this as a suggestion/request to help the developers know which suggestions are being requested significant percentage of users?

(Morgan Hardwood) #4

As you saw, it had already been requested and work had already started.