How to find out what changed between minor versions?

(darix) #1

github doesnt have tags for all releases (last one is 2.4.2)

the "on the road to … " threads aren’t clear which changes are 2.5.0 only and which are also in 2.4.5 e.g.

could we get a small release notes post either on github or here?


Yes, it can be confusing. Fortunately, my needs are few.

At one point, the change logs included version numbers per item.

(darix) #3

while this one has all tags … the commit messages are quite … how should I say … non-expressive.

(G'MIC staff) #4

That’s indeed a point of improvement.
My secret hope is to get more time working on G’MIC in the future, so I can do it better than today, where clearly I am running out of time for almost all the things I have on my todo list.
I’m a little desperate!

(darix) #5

Every minute you spend on writing a proper commit message … is worth it. for your own sake.

it will allow you to understand the intent behind this change when you look at it in 6 months … a year. Then it will be you, who hates past David for not taking a minute or 2 to explain why this and that was changed.

That it helps you to also easily get a summary for your release notes or the blog post, is added benefit.

My favorite example for a good style for this is;a=log . They can basically use the git shortlog for their release notes and from reading the long log i have a pretty good idea which change I need or what the risks might be.

(G'MIC staff) #6

I know that already.
Unfortunately, my own sake is not one of my goal right now. Too busy for that :slight_smile:

(darix) #7

one last thing… on framagit there is a tag for 2.5.1 but the latest tarball on the website is 2.4.5 … should packagers now fetch the tarball from framagit or is 2.5 still dev branch?

(G'MIC staff) #8

I’ve just released new version 2.5.1 a few minutes ago…

(darix) #9

wow the tarball is 1.4MB larger than the old one. what causes that?

(G'MIC staff) #10

We have added a lot of new CLUT-based transformations in this version, so I suspect the file resources/gmic_cluts.gmz to be larger than the old one
(still, 552 CLUTs encoded in a 2.5Mb file is awesome ! :slight_smile: ).


I agree with everything you and others have been saying here and elsewhere. Just feel that I am not qualified to make such comments. :stuck_out_tongue: