How to get a lens correction data informations ?

Hi guys,

I need the data distortion/correction information for the
TAMRON SP 90mm F2.8 Di MACRO 1:1.

I’m doing museum archival photography, where I need to convert the pixel size into the real-life size of insects on images. There is a formula to this but it needs the distortion and the focus/scale distance data of the lens.

I’ve checked with Tamron, and they said Adobe Camera Raw has a file already all we need is to get all the data about the lens.

it seems that you guys are experts at this kind of thing and Adobe just didn’t help at all to help me to extract or locate the file I need to finish the math formula.

Can anybody help me with this?
Thanks a lot, I really need this data!!!

You can see what lensfun has for this lens here: lensfun/slr-tamron.xml at 7e6a5b59cdb372836e3d34168d4c6cf3955f3ef6 · lensfun/lensfun · GitHub is for FOSS and not targeting unfree software like Adobe. With that said the folder Adobe profiles are in is:
Skärmbild från 2022-06-22 19-13-11

If you want to use Lensfun, then Mica already pointed to the database. Keep in mind that for Lensfun the distortion correction is created at some distance, for example a target 10 meters away. If your purpose is to take close up pictures of insects you may want to take new distortion correction samples at the distance you will use, for example 30-60 cm.

I’m on a mac, so I’ve spent like 2 days trying to find the same files you’re showing up… they are somewhere hidden in the software… no one knows!

Wow, this is exactly what I was looking for.
I will try this data to build my formula. Big thanks to you, Paperdigits!
You solved it !

I’m also looking for this lens as well, does it by any chance inside lens fun too?

PC-E Micro NIKKOR 85mm f/2.8D

You should search the lensfun repo on github for the other lens name. That’s all I did.

Thank again, I was not aware of this.

You mean inside this folder: lensfun/data/db at 7e6a5b59cdb372836e3d34168d4c6cf3955f3ef6 · lensfun/lensfun · GitHub

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Yup. Probably slr-nikon or mil-nikon.xml