How to get tward this look

(Syv) #1

Here are a few images, it’s from the same website but the photos are from different photographers and come from flickr.

I really like this type of look. How is the colour palette/tinting done?



(Mica) #2

The Luck by Design photo looks heavily de-saturated (though not 100%) with a bit of brown/sepia (though that cast may be my uncalibrated monitor).


something like that?

amsterdam-2.jpg.out.pp3 (12.5 KB)

(Syv) #4

Much too strong, but I can use that as a starting point.

BTW, Why are you using the wavelets?




Yes overdone but no time to refine. Perhaps the photo is not the best for this kind of treatment.
Wavelets is for local contrast (perhaps also too contrasty)

(Syv) #6

What’s the difference between wavelets and the contrast by detail levels?




I cannot answer on the technical details. Perhaps it is documented in

Inside the wavelet tool, I only use residual image/contrast and final touchup to increase local contrast. There is also the detail/local contrast tool that you can use.


Use Faded neutral preset as a starting point and tweak it from there.


Yes, the trick is to push the WB temperature to 60000, play with other WB sliders and desaturate.
Highlight reconstruction is sometimes required.

(Thomas) #10

I found a similar image of the bar here.
With ~ 75% desaturation and a slight color correction I could produce a similar look.

Sorry, that the sidecar file is for darktable: 4991181358_3301f505ea_b.jpg.xmp (3,0 KB).