How to install a Graphics Card

or: A fun day in the lab. Experiences and observations sprinkled with sarcasm. A followup thread to Graphics Card Overview

I just bought a new printer … ahem … graphics card¹.

It is neither cutting edge, nor is the computer² it is being put into nor is the operating system³ used.

I follow a reasonable crossover and order of instructions from asus — can someone release those poor souls of bios coders out of their misery, please? — and debian — they try really hard to provide all the stuff they can, you can feel the effort and the pain – and nvidia and what do I get?

  • Black screen
  • Monitor saying “Out of range”

Luckily the machine has an internal graphics card and I have a second monitor so I can start debugging. Next up:

  • Xorg gets killed so badly that the OS boots into the terminal prompt only

After some Xorg -configure (on the rescue monitor) and vim action the system has a working GUI again and now I have something never seen before:

The screen connected to the GPU is black and I can move the mouse cursor there with the simple big black Xorg-X cursor.


And that’s it. At that point I decided to watch “The Minions” with my wife because that seemed like way more fun. And it was.

:banana: :banana: :banana:

Next try won’t be for at least a week, got other projects to do.
For the meantime I reverted back to the old setup with two monitors connected.
At least that went without a hitch.

Current verdict: graphic cards are the new printers.
Drivers exist but install is wonky.
How 1999.


¹) MSI Geforce GT 1030
²) Asus H270 plus with i7-6700
³) BunsenLabs Beryllium, which is debian bullseye with openbox

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Hmmmm. I have a suggestion that hopefully will make you understand what goes wrong and where:

Copy a modern Linux distro onto a USB-stick.
Boot from the USB stick. (Just boot from it, you
do not have to install it.)
What happens?

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Schweden


Check the xorg log for errors and warnings ?

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Moinchen, @grubernd!

How did it go?

Claes in Lund, Schweden


Time to wake this topic from hibernation.

After an intermediate quick test from a live system looked promising I kept the card but had to postpone any further investigations to “later”.

Fresh system (Bunsenlabs Boron) installed and the Nvidia driver installed, too.
Well, after I installed it and purged the install once before.
By now I am used to “edgy” technology not working in a reliable way.

For reference here is the apt command that pulls all the required dependencies - which seems to work because my card (GT1030) is supported by the default nvidia-driver package in debian.

  _$ sudo apt install nvidia-opencl-icd

clinfo finds the card, darktable-cltest finds the card.

So … all is good?

Not quite yet. Time for another topic:

Nvidia proprietary?

Sure. Everyone here said to use that one.