How to install ART?

I’m putting up an almost new laptop with opensuse leap 15.3. It uses rpms.

what’s the recommended way to install ART?


  1. Where to install ART-1.10.1-linux64.tar.xz?


  1. Should I compile ART-1.10.1.tar.xz? If so, is there a list of dependencies with their version?



There’s no need to install this anywhere specific. Just unpack it somewhere and run ART. There’s a chance that it might work also on suse. If that doesn’t work, we can talk about alternative solutions. But that’s the easiest way so I would start from there.


That didn’t work for me.

I extracted it to /opt/art (I try to keep things organized) and I get the following error:

/opt/art/ART.bin: symbol lookup error: /opt/art/lib/ undefined symbol: FcWeightFromOpenTypeDouble

I have already installed:

  • libpango-1_0-0
  • libpangonm-1_4-1
  • libpangonm-2_44-1

What else do I need?

Thank you

Ok, then the binary doesn’t work for suse apparently. The next easiest thing is then to compile it yourself. There are instructions on rawpedia, it’s the same as for rawtherapee. The only extra dependency is exiv2 (you should install the dev package).


I finally got it to work by “cheating”. It turns out that opensuse leap 15.3 has it’s own in /usr/lib64. I over-wrote your copy of and now it works.

Thanks, eventually, I will still recompile ART, but which version of exiv2 do you recommend?




I’d say the latest.