How to install Audiocurve plugin

(Escape) #1

I am trying to get Audiocurve plugin (here) show up in Natron, however; unsuccessfully. I tried both building from source and using a release. It created the necessary files, though the node never showed up in Natron (I did restart it :slight_smile: ). I tried using different directories, including /usr/share/Natron/Plugins/PyPlugs, ~/NatronUserData and ~/.local/share/INRIA/Natron/Plugins (the default original). I also gave shot changing file permissions (in /usr/share… dir only though), to no avail.

Are any of You using this plugin or have it at least working? Thank You.

(Siddhant Rane) #2

Ive also been unable to get it working and my assumptions are that it hasn’t been maintained and updated so it’s incompatible with current natron versions.

(Escape) #3

Oh, alright. Thanks for the feedback :wink: I’ll try to look into the source code and see if there’s something I can do :smiley:

(Escape) #4

Well, I don’t know why it is so, yet; but I’ve figured out replacing the initial comment block inside with, in the only case I tried -’s made the plugin show up in Natron :smile:

(Escape) #5

It also managed to generate a curve, so everything seems to be working properly. Who is authorized to make a commit to Natron’s AudioCurve fork?

(Escape) #6

Apparently, this line is mandatory for PyPlugs :smile:

# This file was automatically generated by Natron PyPlug exporter

After I added the line at the end of the original initial comment block inside, it works :muscle:

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(Escape) #7

I forked the code here.

(Siddhant Rane) #8

I’ll check it out soon.

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