How to install Audiocurve plugin

I am trying to get Audiocurve plugin (here) show up in Natron, however; unsuccessfully. I tried both building from source and using a release. It created the necessary files, though the node never showed up in Natron (I did restart it :slight_smile: ). I tried using different directories, including /usr/share/Natron/Plugins/PyPlugs, ~/NatronUserData and ~/.local/share/INRIA/Natron/Plugins (the default original). I also gave shot changing file permissions (in /usr/share… dir only though), to no avail.

Are any of You using this plugin or have it at least working? Thank You.

Ive also been unable to get it working and my assumptions are that it hasn’t been maintained and updated so it’s incompatible with current natron versions.

Oh, alright. Thanks for the feedback :wink: I’ll try to look into the source code and see if there’s something I can do :smiley:

Well, I don’t know why it is so, yet; but I’ve figured out replacing the initial comment block inside with, in the only case I tried -’s made the plugin show up in Natron :smile:

It also managed to generate a curve, so everything seems to be working properly. Who is authorized to make a commit to Natron’s AudioCurve fork?

Apparently, this line is mandatory for PyPlugs :smile:

# This file was automatically generated by Natron PyPlug exporter

After I added the line at the end of the original initial comment block inside, it works :muscle:

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I forked the code here.

I’ll check it out soon.

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I can verify this is still a bug. This is very disappointing that a comment will make a plugin not work. Had to have wasted 5 hours today on this. This is not just AudioCurve, I wrote my own plugin and had to keep this line in my code:
# This file was automatically generated by Natron PyPlug exporter version 10.

@chrisr sorry about that, but maybe you should have spent more of this time reading the doc:

And the following note:

This bug is already fixed in 2.3.15, and you can check with the binaries available as pre-releases

Trust me, I wish I had as well. I have found it difficult to get good search matches from the docs. I have been more successful searching through the examples lately. Of course it doesn’t help that I am writing a very involved plugin for my first time in Natron, and I am quite new to Natron. Much of my time is spent trying to understand the relationships between Nuke and Natron Api’s.