How to install Siril on other location/disk? (Windows)

I have a new setup with a clean Windows 11. I also have a dedicated astro disk where I install all programs that I use.
But when installing SiriL 1.0.6, it only can/want to install in the default C:\Program Files location.
How can I install it in another location/disk?


this is done on purpose, as we cannot guarantee 100% everything will work fine when not installed there. In particular, all the companion packages like Sirilic would need some configuration to work if we did not install to that location.
If you want to work with this kind of setup, you can still download a portable package from our Gitlab repo:
Download and unzip the package in your dedicated astrodisk. In the folder Siril/bin, you will find the main program siril.exe. You can send a shortcut to your desktop and open it from there. In case you need to update for future releases, you will need to fetch the new package at the same address as above with “1.0.6” changed to the new version number.



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Thanks for the explanation. Sounds logical :slight_smile:
And the version of the link indeed works fine. Pointing Sirilic to it and all is as should be.
Thanks again.

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