How to invert layer mask?


Is there an Invert Layer Mask anywhere in GIMP ?
I figured out how to do it in a round-about way using the plug-in Create Layer Mask From…; but, it would be somewhat more convenient if such a command were easily at hand.

(Mica) #2

Select the layer mask and then Color > invert.

In gimp 2.10 you can search the menus by hitting / and typing.


Thanks; I never would have figured that out by myself.
Thanks for the searching info as well.


A layer mask is a “drawable”, so you can do to it most things you would do to a (grayscale) layer: paint with all tools (brush, bucket, airbrush…), adjust levels (threshold, levels, curves, brightness/contrast… and of course invert) and geometric transforms (move/rotate/scale/perpective…).


Thanks; I did not know this.