How to Invoke Command Line


Am new to HDR Merge and have read much about it’s command line interface for batch processing.
However the manual and documentation as well as the software itself give no clue as to how to initiate this function.
Should I be installing another exe?

Any tips gratefully received.

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Invoke with --help to display the cli help message.
c:\path\to\hdrmerge.exe --help


I paste this string into Run on Windows.
C:\Program Files\HDRMerge\hdrmerge.exe --help

Just launches a browser window on the Manual page.


Great. So I’ve used to CMD to navigate to the exe directory.

Then I paste hdrmerge.exe --help, nothing happens.

I paste hdrmerge.exe and it launches the GUI fine.

Is there an error message when “nothing happens”?

@EnSeeUK Hi, I’m the guy who directed you here from dpreview, welcome.

There’s a user manual which is quite old, but probably mostly still valid.

There I was telling you to run hdrmerge.exe but the windows build actually provides a separate CLI. Try this instead:

c:\path\to\hdrmerge-nogui.exe --help
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Is this one newer?

Yes and no: the cacorrect branch is both ahead of and behind master.

I’m very new to this as well, how can I invoke a command line on a Mac, within terminal?

@muntzstudios Welcome to the forum! The first order of business is to add the binary to your path so that, when you type hdrmerge or hdrmerge-nogui, Terminal is able to run the app. Are you there already?

@afre - thank you for offering to help.

Again, I’m very inexperienced with using terminal, so forgive me. I initially wasn’t’ able to find the app to run it within terminal, I tracked down the correct path. I’ve gotten to the point where I can type ./hd (tab and it fills in the app) and then I can enter --help and it shows me my options

From this point on, I haven’t been able to get it to process the actually images (.NEF files) within a folder within my pictures folder.

For example, I enter this “muntzstudios$ /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/Applications/ -b 32 --batch /Users/muntzstudios/Pictures/New_RAWS*.NEF”

and nothing happens. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, would greatly appreciate any help that can be offered.

Real life calls. I will leave the rest to @HIRAM, etc.

@muntzstudios as in your other thread, please upload the source raw files so we’re not left guessing.