Issue with processed images

I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, just in testing the software initially I’ve noticed a lot of the final DNG files have a lot of purple/pink looking layer over parts of the image.

Any ideas how to remove? Are the settings incorrect?

Provide the source raw files (upload using ) and your HDRMerge version.

@Morgan_Hardwood - Thanks for taking a look, the files and the HDRMerge software are available here: Dropbox - File Deleted

@muntzstudios you need to use the latest development version of HDRMerge 1408e42 and specify a custom white level of 15754 for your Nikon D850:

~/programs/hdrmerge/hdrmerge --batch -b 24 --no-align --no-crop -p half -w 15754 *.NEF
Writing /home/morgan/downloads/13407/_GAM6011-6015.dng, 24-bit, 8288x5520

Ping @heckflosse for white level issue and @HIRAM for a new macOS build. Ping myself to make a new release and update the website.

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Latest for mac:

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@ Morgan_Hardwood How do you determine custom white levels for cameras? You mention using 15754 for the D850, but how did you get to that number? Just want to figure out how to do that on my own. Thanks in advance.

Open the brightest file in Rawtherapee, apply neutral profile, set demosaic to ‘none’, zoom and hover over the brightest region and look at the values below navigator:

@hdrmergenoob You can also have a look at the white levels defined in Rawtherapee camconst.json
These values should also work fine for HDRMerge