How to keep GIMP in the background when loading pictures?

I’ve tried every option I could think of and can’t figure this out, or maybe it just isn’t an option. When I drag a batch of photos to GIMP, it always stays in the foreground. If I click on my browser for example, it keeps flashing back to GIMP as each photo loads. Is there any way to drag a batch of photos and keep GIMP in the background until I click on the program?

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Not sure what operating system you’re on, but on Windows, my solution is to resize the two windows and put them side-by-side. Not answering your question I know, just a possible workaround.
Welcome to the forum by the way!

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That would be a good workaround assuming there’s no other way to do it, thanks!

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I use multiple screens. My best screen is for editing and my lesser screens for stuff like the windows explorer window to find the images.

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I feel most, if not all programs would behave in the way you describe. If you ask the computer to open a file in a relevant program, be it a text file, image file or whatever, the normal behaviour would be for that program to open and show the file. Why is this a problem to you? Understanding why this is a problem might give us a better idea of how to resolve the problem. Welcome to the forum by the way.

It’s not really a “problem” necessarily, just a minor annoyance. If I’m loading 20+ pictures into GIMP, it can some time to load all of them, and it basically makes my computer unusable for that amount of time.

I would have to wonder why you are loading 20+ images unless you are creating a collage and open them as layers in a single canvas. I wonder if you are opening multiple images to work through a list of photos and this may be better achieved opening one at a time. If this is the case then GIMP provides the ability to add favourite locations to rapidly locate a folder of images being used in a editing project/session. This location can then be removed when no longer needed.


This isn’t helping me, sorry. I am looking for help with my particular situation, not looking for alternative workflows.

Sorry Dan. I wasn’t trying to add noise. I just didn’t understand why 20+ mages would be opened in GIMP at once. Good luck.