How to let Gimp remember canvas size and "Fill with"?

I load a *.jpg picture into Gimp v2.10.36 on Windows.
Then I go to menu

Image—>Canvas size

and enter a new canvas size and “fill with”=White
resize Layers=None

The canvas size is applied BUT the new background area is still shown as transparent checkerboard.
Why? I want to see pure white color.

Furthermore I close the current picture and load a new one.
When I go to menu

Image—>Canvas size

again the initial Canvas size shows again the dimensions of the current picture.
How can I tell Gimp to remember my previously entered target Canvas Size (even beyond exit and restart of Gimp)?


If you always want your canvas to be a certain size and fill, cant you set this in preferences?
Edit - preferences.
Default image
set your size (Image size) in there and also the default colour (Fill with) - (Background colour, white, transparent or pattern)

Sorry, this is not true.

The saved dimensions are neither used when I create a new image nor when I resize the canvas

  • Fill with only applies to layers that are resized.
  • Gimp doesn’t make a special case for the background. You can however use the Image-sized layers or All linked layers choices (after putting a link on the background layer) to have that specific layer extended/filled
  • The top selector of the dialog shows your image templates. If you pick one its size is used. So if you resize often to some size, just create an image template at that size.
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