How to load dcp files in RawTherapee?

(Vít Pelčák) #1

Hello everyone.

I’m fairly new to RT and raw in general. But slowly getting into it. I have RT 5.1 at the moment.
I would like to ask how to load DCP files I managed to get for my camera as described in your documentation.

I copied the DCP files to /dcpprofiles as described in

However I have several of them for various situations.
Therefore I would like to create profiles which are loaded under specific conditions. I already found out how to do that. I did the same thing with lens profile.

I would like to ask, how can I load the DCP file manually? In which section should I look for this. That will help me to create sidecar which I can use as I mentioned.

I hope I explained myself properly. There is still a lot for me to learn.

Thank you.

(Alberto) #2

Hi @Vit_Pelcak,
and welcome to RT!
DCP-related settings are under “Color -> Color Management -> Input profile -> Custom”. Just select your DCP file from the file dialog.

BTW, consider upgrading to the recently-release v5.2, lots of bugs have been fixed since 5.1.

(Vít Pelčák) #3


Thank you for the warm welcome and suggestion.
It works.

I definitely will update to later version once it is in my distribution.

Have a nice day.

(Francois Edelin) #4

Hello Everyone,
Back to RT5 after a “sidestep” to Darktable… I have the DCP profiles installed and available (thanks Alberto!). My question is: why each time I want to select a profile, do I have to browse the file tree to fetch the right DCP? Isn’t there any way to get this automatic in some way ?

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #5

Hi, maybe you should save an incomplete PP3 for each camera using the correct DCP. Then you can use the feature “Dynamic Profile” to load that pp3 automatically based on the exif data …

Regards, Karlheinz

(Morgan Hardwood) #6

Create a PP3 which uses that profile by default.

(Francois Edelin) #7

Hallo Karlheinz,
Thank you for the feedback, this is interesting. It means I have an initial pp3 to do for every combination of my DSLRs and lenses first, glad to know it is possible even if I don’t understand how come we have to specify that explicitely instead of having RT selecting dynamically the right LCP from a given directory based on EXIF data…

Beste Grüsse

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #8

Well, for my camera (Nikon D7200) there are 5 or DCP profiles available. Which one should be choosen automatically. That is why you need to do it manually. And all kind of manual work is saved in profiles which are applied to any photo. One of all these profiles can be declared as Default. Or you choose dynamic profiles where you mix many “defaults” based on the exif data of the shot. So you can choose different (partial) PP3 files based on ISO or shutter speed or the model …

(Alberto) #9

One of the reasons is that RT doesn’t ship with any LCP profile by default, it’s up to the users to provide them… I agree with @ChasingShadows, dynamic profiles are a good fit for this task already. The UI could be streamlined a bit, yes, but they are still functional already. And eventually I’m going to start working on the integration of lensfun (I will, I just have to find some time…), which should give you the “automagic” matching based on the image metadata.

(Francois Edelin) #10

I tried the dynamic profile and it works just fine. Perfect for my needs ! Having lensfun as an alternative or a complement would be fine too of course…
Thanks to you all guys for your help

(Francois Edelin) #11

Copy that…
Bottom line, manual selection is okay for a user like me: I mostly use Tamron lens and not all are easily recognized by automatic systems (like DT/lensfun for instance)…