How to make a Jpg - help!!!

I just downloaded this software the other day (V5.7), and I really like the way that it has enhanced my first photo (much better than ufRaw!). However, for the life of me, I want to save this photo into a Jpeg, and have been watching lots of videos, read the RawTherapee tutorials on their website (numerous times), and have not found a way to do this!!! The only button I have that even looks remotely like a “save” icon, is a diskette with a down arrow on it that says “Save current profile” - when I hit that, I can only save out to a .pp3 file - NOT a Jpg. There are no options to save a jpg anywhere on this user interface that I can find. Please help - I can’t be the only one with this problem.

Hi and welcome!

You should also read


Sorry - these links you provided do not provide any useful information. I cannot see a “File Browser” sidebar - one does not appear. How can I find this? I have a preview pane, a color graph, and “snapshots” on the left side - there is literally no toolbar shown on the extreme left border. There isn’t one on the top, right, or bottom, either. This is all I get:

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If you maximize your window or shrink your sidebars, you’ll see the save icon mentioned in the first link

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Welcome aboard! and nice portrait btw! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Now if I could only save it as a modified image, like a JPG. There has to be a way!

I tried stretching and moving the edges of windows, but it didn’t change at all from my screen shot above. You have the save icon shown to the left of “Ready” - I can’t get that icon, or the gears (and pallet icon) to show up at all. I’m just wondering where they can possibly be hidden?

Ctrl+s will take you to the save page.

Welcome @Abboberg

and using Ctrl+b you send image to queue. But I have some questions about your screen capture:

  • what is your system and what is your screen definition. I get the impression that you have very little room on it.

  • how do you start RT. directly launching it or clicking on an image?

On a modest display, (1280x1024), this is how it looks like when launched directly:

That was it! I was launching the application from the image, instead of launching the application from the shortcut. Now I get all the borders with the tools! You know your stuff - thanks!!!

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