How to make gimp export to png to size 2gb in order to print poster

Dear all,

        I have an Gimp xcf file. Which I will export to png file and let printing shop to print a poster. However, people said that the export png file cannot reach 2 gigabytes size and cannot used to print a poster. How can I make the Gimp file to be enough to print a poster. e.g. make the export file to 2 gigabytes size.

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You don’t specify a desired fine size in Gimp. Using File/Export, you can type the file name like poster.png, and save.
The image size will be the same as what your image has in Gimp. You can resize before exporting.

Yes, if you decrease the pixel number of length and width by 50%, you will decreade file size 3-4 times.

What kind of source material is it?. It is often better to print from a PDF because this can also contain text and vector graphics in addition to raster graphics and results therefore often in a much smaller file size.

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to add, check the specs from the printer - really surprised you´re using png. as mentioned pdf is the ideal print format in most cases. Check the profile required - usually it´s CMYK and printer specified e.g. fogra 37 and the resolution at the print size in ppi (pixels per inch), plus bleed