How to make it look like architectural dreaming rendering

Darktable 3.2.1: I created the hdr from 7 shots and processed in DT.

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng (92.8 MB) danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (4.8 KB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.

I’d like to get a look more toward:

It’s an almost ethereal look…


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Can you post a jpeg of your rendering?

On my phone so cant look at your file right now. First thing is that the shooting conditions and light is very carefully chosen in those photos. Post processing will only take you so far.

I’m not trying to replicate, I’m just trying to get in the right direction…


A ‘dreaming rendering’ means much local contrast and bloom…

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (11.4 KB, dt 3.3)

Btw, most of the photos by Nogueira are long-time exposures. You can see that in the ‘stars’ around the street lights and the white and red lines caused by cars driving through the street.

The photographer probably used ND-filters to get longer exposure times.


My take

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (21.7 KB)

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (51.0 KB)

Quick test. I’m not a dt or filmic user so I’m no so happy about the result. Goes in the right direction though.


You have 3 local contrast with each one increasing the details. Why?


Just check this thread:

My interpretation. Just a draft, still some artifacts.

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (16.9 KB)

That gets me in the “right direction” but and that’s a big but, I will have to learn more, a lot more.

It looks like the combination of the tone equalizer, filmic, haze/bloom will solve my problem. Now, the time to test and learn :sweat_smile:.


Tried the hazy/dreamy look:

arch.dreaming.dng.xmp (11.2 KB) darktable 3.2.1

This was an interesting one to play with. All that white, trying to keep the colours under control some fringing and artefacts. All in all a nice Play Raw.

I really like @pphoto’s contribution!

danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (176.5 KB)

Here is my attempt

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At a glance, @Jonas_Wagner’s appears to be closest.

However, this HDR look is what most of us here seem to avoid.


I like the look.

Could you post the xmp for me to understand? :face_with_monocle:


Could you share the sidecar? I’d really like to study it.

@afre It’s definitely very heavy handed. I removed a lot of the ‘global’ contrast in order to give it a relatively uniform high key look. It could (and probably should) be toned down at least a bit by merging a less compressed version of the photo over the more obvious parts like the floor. Here is a quick attempt at that. The masking is terrible but it should illustrate the point of where this could go. :slight_smile:

@foto @KristijanZic here is the XMP, but part of it was also edited in GIMP destructively. Mostly curves and some more local contrast IIRC.
danyelle-north-vancouver-20200815-9376-hdr.dng.xmp (16.2 KB)

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I’m quite late, but wanted to give it a try anyway…