How to make test samples for printing?

I’m preparing a small booklet to be printed on Magcloud (owned by Blurb). 16 images and 14 pages of text. It’s all ready, the layout (with Latex) and the images (in ART). Eventually, I will be getting 24 copies.

The problem is the printing. I have done the stuff in srgb but that’s it, no actual colour profile (that I found).

I want to do a test print of the booklet, especially the images. Do I need to +.5ev on the middle tones? or +1ev on the middle tones?

I’d like to create a split image for each photo: left third at 0, middle third at +.5 and +1 on the right third for each of the 16 images.

Any suggestion on how to do that in ART or any other software?


can they provide you an icc for the printer/paper??

I’d love to, it would get me in the ballpark.

But I can’t find it and I have they don’t have any support email (published). They have facebook, but I don’t have any facebook account.

The ICC would get me in the area but I would still need the testing and doing the slice but then instead of .5 I would do .33.


I think this is the way to do it. Go to their location, and ask them for the calibrated profile for the printer. If they look at you as if a dog watching TV, then go home and use sRGB… :crazy_face:

The ability to use something local that you can work with would likely guarantee a better result…bit like ordering a shirt on line vs going in the store and trying it on …

I wish, but I don’t know of any local places that will do the booklet, 1/2 of “letter” and can print only 1 copy without having to spend a few hundred dollars.

Once, BC (before covid) I asked and was told about $235 (canadian) + $75 for the prepress preview.

reply to myself:

I used imagemagick convert to slice and montage to assemble the pieces together:

convert input.jpg: -crop 3x1@  +repage  +adjoin  slice_%d.jpg
montage  slice_*.jpg  -tile 3x1  -geometry +10+10  triptych.jpg